Nanjing Shenbai Far East Chemical Co., Ltd. is the biggest domestic manufacturer of water quality stabilizers, antirusting agents. We passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and the OHSAS18001 management system authentications. Welcome to land our website, we wholeheartedly at yourservice, thank the cooperation!
  Sodium Benzotriazole (BTA-S)  
  50% Sodium Tolyltriazole  

Nanjing Shenbai Far East Chemical Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Nanjing Shenbai Chemical Co., Ltd. and PMC Specialties Group,Inc. It is situated in scenic Gaochun Economic Development Industrial Park, where is the holy land in regions south of the Yangtze River. The factory occupies and area of 29,015sqm with the 15,078sqm of building area. The company specializes in the production of water quality stabilizers, antirusting agents. At present, the company has more than 30 million Yuan RMB of fixed assets, owns 195 employees, 37 of which are engineering technicians, in addition, the company also has a whole set of advanced chemical production equipment.

The output of acicular, flaky, granular, powdery 1H-Benzotriazole is more than 3000 tons, Our main products include: benzotriazole (more than 3500 tons/year of needle like, flake like, granular and powdery), tolyltriazole of over 3000 tons/year, sodium benzotriazole of over 2000 tons/year and 50% sodium tolyltriazole of more than 2000 tons/year, the annual turnover is more than 200 million Yuan RMB. Our major product "Shenbai" benzotriazole has received the title of Jiangsu Province Famous Product, and our technology, namely the rectification and purification method of tolyltriazole, won the state invention patent, and tolyltriazole was appraised as High-tech Product of Nanjing City and Jiangsu Province. Our company has been evaluated as the 'Star Enterprise of Nanjing City', High-tech Enterprise in Nanjing City, Top 100 Growth-type High-tech Enterprise in Nanjing City, and our credit standing grade is AAA-grade. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Integrated Management System Authentications .

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